Baby Watch Update: 2008.01.23 @ 4pm

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Baby Watch Update: 2008.01.23 @ 4pm

Anita’s been having some serious contraction for a while… it could be early labor or it could be pre-labor. Even if this isn’t it, we have an appointment tomorrow morning for induction since Penelope is probably pretty big, and Anita is not (relatively speaking).

So – tonight or tomorrow.

We’re at home now and likely to remain here until we’re convinced she’s in labor (contractions ~5 min apart for an hour, with a change in activity in between)… or until tomorrow morning at 9am. If she waits till tomorrow, they’re going to induce with a small amount of pitocin for a couple hours and see how that goes… then a larger dose. Earlier that scared us, because we didn’t want to force her body to do something it wasn’t ready to do, but as things stand now – she’s ready – things are happening – we’re happy/excited/nervous/eager.

I’ll take a laptop + camera to the hospital and if I end up with any down time, I’ll post/email updates… If not – you’ll just have to wait for the aftermath.



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