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2017 memorial day homework

project time, memorial day, and website hugoized

I have made the formal household declaration that all screen time will be matched, hour-for-hour with project time. Yesterday we cleaned the 1st floor, mopped and everything. Today we went grocery shopping, made lunch, and then started on homework time. To say that I am unpopular here, would be an understatement. But both of our kids will benefit from some extra assignements. Our education system is super lax, and a bit of supplimental assignment seems like a good idea.

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Best part of CodepaLOUsa so far…

Best part of CodepaLOUsa so far… sitting next to Douglas Crockford at dinner tonight. Occasionally I’m the lucky one. (Hope I didn’t bore him too much) Anyway – having a fun time at CodepaLOUsa and hope all other attendees are too. http://codepalousa.com/schedule

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Coreos & Docker, great presentation

Found this inspriing presentation from a Chicago Docker meetup: http://www.mediafly.com/news/karl-grzeszczak-september-docker-presentation from: Chicago Docker – September 2014 at Mediafly Thursday, Sep 25, 2014, 6:00 PM http://www.meetup.com/Docker-Chicago/events/204992852/ by: Karl Grzeszczak: on Twitter @karl_grz and his website http://karlgrz.com/. It linked to this amazingly well done animation on RAFT consensus and how it works: http://thesecretlivesofdata.com/raft/ Also linked a great blog post: http://lukebond.ghost.io/deploying-docker-containers-on-a-coreos-cluster-with-fleet/ And here are some of the “main” coreos repos: https://github.com/coreos/etcd After digging up a bit on the presenter, he also had this interested post:

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Life Changlingly Good TED Radio Hour: “The Source of Creativity”

http://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/351538855/the-source-of-creativity Basic summary: “everyone is and can be creative: you just have to be fearless about failing, and practice a bunch.” Led to this understanding by my art-teacher mother, since early childhood I’ve been saying something pretty similar. Creativity is wonderful, amazing, useful, freeing, and fun… but it’s not rare. Being creative is a skill, available to everyone. It doesn’t have to be “Art” (note the capital A) nor innovation. It doesn’t have to be shared.

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Meteor 0.9.2-rc1 is fun to play with, Cordova support functional

Last night I started playing with `meteor –release 0.9.2-rc1` which you can read about and play with too; check it out here: https://meteor.hackpad.com/Getting-Started-With-Cordova-Z5n6zkVB1xq It’s wonderful! The local development and hot-code-push is a great improvement over any other solution I’ve been using. Builds were painless (mostly). Most of my stumbling points were due to 9x, not the new Cordova stuff. A few interesting details… Cordova gets built here: $ ll -a .