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Meteor Core Cordova Support – Alpha Release is out

We’ve been watching this for a while, but now the first Alpha release is out for Meteor + Cordova built into the core. SWEET! Watch the DevShop Presentation on it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzNoXbv1DX4&feature=youtu.be&t=24m   And here are instructions to get it going and play with it: https://meteor.hackpad.com/Getting-Started-With-Cordova-Z5n6zkVB1xq   Also, just an update, MeteorRider is still a strong and simple option for getting Meteor into Cordova (DOM hijacking), but I’m also checking out another great looking option is Cordova Loader (builds all Cordova assets into the public folder of Meteor).

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Testing tools for Old OS & Browser Combos

Lots of us have to trace down odd bugs and test things on different browsers and OS combinations… Of course, the worst of which is “various versions of IE” on “various versions of Windows”. It seems crazy, but the same version of IE can behave differently on a different version of Windows. The two best solutions I’ve used are: http://www.modern.ie/en-us/virtualization-tools [free, vm locally] and http://www.browserstack.com/ [costs, web based] I just got assigned a crappy bug ticket on IE8 + WinXP and had to dust this off again… thought I’d send out a post, see if it helps others and triggers a discussion which might help me out too.

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Great advice from Arunoda “Just Contribute!”

http://readme.lk/noticed-tech-crowd-interview-arunoda-susiripala/ This advice might be aimed at people who already consider themselves developers, but there’s a nugget in there that’s perfect for anyone who is interested in getting started… Pick some open-source project, probably a smaller one, that does something you’re interested in. Maybe it’s something you tried out and used. Maybe it’s something you tried out and it didn’t work out. Maybe it’s something you looked at and didn’t understand.

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Meteor + PhoneGap/Cordova (Roundup – Fall 2013)

UPDATE: see meteor-core-cordova-support-alpha-release-is-out (2014-08-25) for new information   About Meteor and PhoneGap / Cordova Meteor is a rapid server/client development framework, written in JS – makes very interactive apps easy to build. http://meteor.com PhoneGap / Cordova is a project to allow developers to use HTML, CSS, and JS to build mobile apps for all major devices. http://phonegap.com Basics of Integrating Meteor + PhoneGap / Cordova The basic idea here is to use PhoneGap / Cordova to create a mobile App on several different platforms at once and it gives device hardware access; then “load” your Meteor application, which handles all of the rest of whatever you want your app to do.

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Looking for a new blog platform

I’m working too much to afford the time to build one right now, but I’m looking into a MeteorJS bloging system…. Anyone got a recommendation? @zeroasterisk