Meteor Core Cordova Support – Alpha Release is out

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We’ve been watching this for a while, but now the first Alpha release is out for Meteor + Cordova built into the core.


Watch the DevShop Presentation on it here:


And here are instructions to get it going and play with it:


Also, just an update, MeteorRider is still a strong and simple option for getting Meteor into Cordova (DOM hijacking), but I’m also checking out another great looking option is Cordova Loader (builds all Cordova assets into the public folder of Meteor).  Of course there’s also Packmeteor, which is an early version of what the core Cordova implementation seems to be.


I’m the most excited about:

  • Core API is clean (Meteor.isCordova is simple but brilliant) and Cordova.depends() sounds great too
  • Vastly improved local development early on, tying a cordova emulator to the localhost development is very well done
  • Meteor packages which can implement Cordova plugins… that will be a wildly convenient way to integrate “vetted” plugins in a simple manner.

If this is a space you are working in, jump on board the Meteor core implementation as early as you can, log bugs, submit pull requests, and make it official/important.  This will end up being a significant feather in Meteor’s hat, making Meteor + Mobile a powerful pairing.

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