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Breast milk contains stem cells

Breast milk contains stem cells – Monday, 11 February 2008 – By Catherine Madden The Perth scientist who made the world-first discovery that human breast milk contains stem cells is confident that within five years scientists will be harvesting them to research treatment for conditions as far-reaching as spinal injuries, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. But what Dr Mark Cregan is excited about right now is the promise that his discovery could be the start of many more exciting revelations about the potency of breast milk.

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And Poppy is born, and there was much Rejoiceing… (yay)

My life has shifted. If my perspective on the world were comprised of tectonic plates – it’s as if a new continent has formed, replete with earthquakes, tsunamis, and the readjustment of every other piece of the former world. That analogy is poor, because in my case, all these changes are great. Great is an understatement; magnificent is an understatement. So – here’s the short story for those who haven’t heard it yet.

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Baby Watch Update: 2008.01.23 @ 4pm

Baby Watch Update: 2008.01.23 @ 4pm Anita’s been having some serious contraction for a while… it could be early labor or it could be pre-labor. Even if this isn’t it, we have an appointment tomorrow morning for induction since Penelope is probably pretty big, and Anita is not (relatively speaking). So – tonight or tomorrow. We’re at home now and likely to remain here until we’re convinced she’s in labor (contractions ~5 min apart for an hour, with a change in activity in between)… or until tomorrow morning at 9am.

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Anita – 9 months pregnant

Anita – 9 months pregnant – photos taken by our friend Angie, in Louisville, KY.

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Emilyn Parker, born

Anita and Alan and Cathy (Alan’s mom) visit Chris and Jenny Parker in the hospital ~2 days after the birth of Emmalynn Parker. more… This was a “scary” birth story.  After 7-8 hours of early/active labor, everything normal and in the Hospital… the baby monitor showed significantly decreasing heartrate.  Chris hit the “call nurse” button about the same time as 4 nurses ran into the room and moved Jenny around.