Emilyn Parker, born

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Anita and Alan and Cathy (Alan’s mom) visit Chris and Jenny Parker in the hospital ~2 days after the birth of Emmalynn Parker.

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This was a “scary” birth story.  After 7-8 hours of early/active labor, everything normal and in the Hospital… the baby monitor showed significantly decreasing heartrate.  Chris hit the “call nurse” button about the same time as 4 nurses ran into the room and moved Jenny around.  The changed position got the heartrate up some, but not enough… so an emergency cessarian was preformed.  Apparently all went well – 10 fingers, 10 toes, healthy mom. 

It severed as a good reminder of why we want to be at the hospital for Anita and me.  We’ve been exposed to a lot of “hospital bad” stories from Bradley classes… nice to see why western medicine is useful.

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