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Ollie and Anita are fine, but stuck in the hospital still

Oliver has been feeling a bit sick for a couple of days, and it was acute yesterday early afternoon – he was doing the “I’m in pain” cry for a half an hour straight and was inconsolable. Very unusual for him. So we made an appointment to see the Pediatrician and by the time we got in there (~3 hours later) he seemed pretty normal, though really tired still because he is sick and doing all the extra crying, but sleeping and eating ok again.

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Oliver is born, go and tell it on the mountain

Most of you have heard from the grapevine or facebook (this generation’s grapevine) that our son, Oliver Jackson Blount, was born on 2010-02-02 @ 14:35 EST. He was 9 pounds 15 ounces and 23 inches (they measured twice to be sure). We had a home birth with 2 midwives and an apprentice, a doula, Anita’s mom (former NICU nurse) and sister Virginia (new nurse) in attendance… of yeah, and me. The decision to have a home birth was one we took very seriously and subsequently are very happy with; it being unusual is often the topic of conversation… but I can summarize with the following: We had a normal and healthy fetus inside a normal and healthy mom, everything looking like it would progress as “low risk” we choose to stay at home with the support of professionals vs.

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I finally uploaded some of the photos we’ve recently taken… Here are our two trips to various “pick your own” farms, for strawberries and blueberries. 2009.06.05 – Strawberry Picking at Huber’s Farm 2009.06.20 – Blueberry Picking

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Mom and Sam’s Visit to Lousiville

Mom and Sam drove to Louisville for a few days this past weekend+ (Friday – Tuesday). We all had a wonderful visit and they played with poppy almost nonstop… as expected. We took full advantage of the free babysitting and went out a few nights and on the whole, were less than adequate hosts, but they didn’t seem to mind. Mom’s posted her photos here, and below is a slideshow

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Photobooth photos from Scott and Tami’s wedding

Scott and Tami had a wonderful wedding in Columbus in late fall 2008. We went with Poppy and my mom Cathy. At the wedding they had a photobooth set up and some of the photos went into a scrapbook and some we took home… here are the took home ones.