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Poppy is 1000 days old today

Poppy is 1000 days old today!

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poppy’s first day of school

Poppy’s really thinned out and sped up. At 18 months, she’s about the same height as she was at 14 months, but seems much more thin. Must be all the running, jumping, and climbing she does. She can happily run in a circle for 15 minutes, or bounce on a bed for 30. She’s started school at “The Friend’s School” this week, in the 1 year old class three days a week for three hours each day.

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I finally uploaded some of the photos we’ve recently taken… Here are our two trips to various “pick your own” farms, for strawberries and blueberries. 2009.06.05 – Strawberry Picking at Huber’s Farm 2009.06.20 – Blueberry Picking

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Potty Time

Poppy is now using her potty. She’s been sitting on it for a while, but this weekend was the first time she actually used it successfully (twice so far). We, of course, cheered and encouraged her… But I think it just clicked in her brain that was what she was supposed to do. I don’t expect that we’re going to have a terribly high success rate right away, but it’s great to be on that path.

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Poppy at 15 months

Poppy is doing great. She’s wearing the overalls which were rolling up so that they didn’t drag, only 3 months ago… now they are high-water-ready, ending up above her ankle. She’s certainly got an attitude and is already testing boundaries and figuring out what she can get away with. More so right now, as her i-teeth are coming in, all four at once.