It’s been a busy couple of years…

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We were talking about this recently and we realized that in the past two years:
We have lived in 5 different places (our apt in Columbus, Anita’s mom’s for a few months, Chili’s house for almost a year, Houston with my family for a couple of months, and finally our new house)
I have worked 6 positions in 3 companies, not counting consulting gigs on the side.  During that time I worked in 5 different offices (mostly due to the moves mentioned above).
Anita has 
  • taken cumulative finals in classes
  • done a year of on-site internships at all manner of pharmacies in 2 states while pregnant and then with a newborn
  • gave birth sometime in there
  • studied for and taken her state and national liscenure boards and passed them
  • and started a new job as a pharmacist for the first time
And most importantly, we have been learning how to be parents to Poppy.   And that keeps changing on us weekly, it seems.
It’s been a busy time.
If we seem frazzled, there’s a good reason.

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