A recent letter from my mom, about her visit and poppy

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An email from my Mom who recently visited us. It’s a great recap and update on Poppy, so I’m just pasting in here:

I recommend becoming a grandmother — it’s the best! I have just returned from a week in Louisville with Alan and Anita…and Poppy, which included two Halloween parties, a wedding in Columbus, a long walk in Iroquois park to check out the fall colors, two swimming lessons for Poppy (with Anita), and progress made on Poppy’s room mural by my good friend, Joan Firster and me. Lots of walks, quality time with Poppy, and with Alan and Anita, dining out, dining in, a little gardening, and a delicious pre-Thanksgiving feast at Karen and Bryan’s, plus a tour of their amazing new back yard and brick patio.

Poppy (who was 9 months on Oct. 24, and is holding steady at 19# [60 percentile for weight] and measuring 29″ [90 percentile for height]: ) is all about mobility these days–pulling herself up to a standing position and holding on while she walks around tables, chairs, sofas, and taller toys, like her current favorite: plastic kitchen appliances (see photo). She climbs the steps without hesitation and when she gets to the top, she’s ready to go down (holding on to your two pointy fingers), and at the bottom, she can hardly wait to turn around and climb up again. I spotted her up and down one day 8 times till I had to stop!

Another fun activity that never gets old is that she likes to dance. If she’s sitting, she’ll rock back and forth on her bottom and sometimes also move her arms. If she’s standing and becomes aware of music, she will bend those knees and be-bop up and down. She’ll dance to silly songs you might sing, even if you’ve forgotten some of the words. It’s all the same to her if she can catch a beat.

Besides mom’s milk, she is eating a variety of fruits and veggies but no sugar, milk, or peanut butter that might get her into trouble. She’s got 2 teeth on the bottom and 4 on the top, and it’s remarkable what those teeth can do. She takes about 3 naps a day, plus car trip naps are extra. Her naps keep everyone on an even keel. Alan and Anita both realize they’re very lucky that Miss Poppy is such a good baby and that she’s healthy and, of course, above average.

Photos include two of Poppy in her Halloween costume: she was a Roller Derby Girl, complete with fishnet stockings. Check out the “skates” Anita made. There are also two of the family at Iroquois Park with fall color all around. Fall color in Louisville seems electric –especially the reds. Beautiful! I also reminded them how lucky they are that all those trees exhibiting fall color are on their neighbors’ lots and not theirs. I know first hand as we have lots and lots of leaves to rake every year, but without the electric colors. (would you believe brown?)

Hard to get back to life at the farmette….without the Poppy sounds, hugs and kisses, and all that Poppy energy. Sigh.

Grannie C




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