Poppy Update @ 9 months

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We went for Poppy’s nine month old check up today and she is starting to slim down and lengthen. At her 7month visit, she was 19lbs and 27.5inches, and now she is holding steady at 19lbs and up to 29inches. There were no vaccines today – woohoo!

After her visit and a good nap, we were playing downstairs and she took her first preliminary, wobbly steps. It was just 2-3 steps a time or 2, but it was pretty amazing. She wouldn’t repeat it later, but I have a feeling we’re in for a world of trouble soon! She also waved bye bye for the first time today. Seems like she hits a milestone or 2 right before each of Grannie C’s visits…not sure if that means we want her to come more often cause it’s neat, or less often cause it’s all going so quickly!

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–(update from Anita)

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