poppy, age 4 months – 4 days in colorado

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Poppy at Month four:

This month has been quite productive. She has been growing by leaps and bounds, like

normal. She’s now reaching for everything and

putting it all in her mouth and dropping it on the floor. Nothing is safe within a foot and a half of her. She is sitting up well, if you help her

out. She’s standing well, if you help her out. I think she is just

starting to change from blue to hazel eyes, though that’s only in certain lighting. Of course she’s

still chubby. We think she is about 17 pounds and 25 and a half

inches. She’s still gloriously, generously, thankfully, happy and easy going. We are so lucky.

In Colorado:

The flight to Colorado was fantastic. Penelope slept through the

accent and decent and a little bit in between. She was so good. We

actually had to sit in between other people, the middle seats, on in

front of each other. We passed her back and forth a little bit over the

top which was kind of entertaining. We got a shuttle from the airport to

Keystone, again she slept through a lot of pressure changes and did

remarkably well. We got into our hotel room and had the gorgeous view

over a little lake. And every thing’s amazingly picturesque.

The meetings are going fine and it’s great to meet the families of other employees. Poppy is like kryptonite, melting the hearts of all around her.

I wasn’t there, but Poppy wet swimming today and had an inflatable boat… apparently she loved it – and was squeeling at the water, while anita swam around – using the boat as a kickboard. too cute.

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