General update : in Houston, Poppy status = good

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Update – we are in Houston for April and May. Staying w/ family and

Anita’s doing her last rotation at a hospital here. They are kicking

her ass and not even saying sorry… but it’s the home stretch till

she’s finally done with school forever! (YAY)

Poppy is big-tastic. She is holding her head up all the time,

laughing a little (when tickled or otherwise super-excited) and smiling

a lot. She’s almost on a schedule – which includes 15-30 min of crying

every night at bed time… but she’s sleeping in her crib like a champ

and is doing very well. She’s a little better w/ tummy time and has

super strong legs… just need to work on those arm muscles.

Photos: — look for new ones in 03 and a few in 04 (more to add sometime soon)

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