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The drive to Houston went wonderfully. We did have to stop several

times, but it was just less than what we had prepared for.  An 8.5 hour

leg of the trip took 11 hours.

We got to stop in KC and see Karen, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Richard.  We

stayed for breakfast and then drove to Gainsville and visited my uncle

Bob.  That 7 hour drive took about 10.  After staying the night with

Bob, we drove in to Houston and 5 hours only took 8 to drive.

My grandfather has gone out of his way to accommodate us.  He’s moved

out of his room and closets, relinquishing them to us.  He can’t see

very well at all, and can’t hear much better… but he’s still on top

of whatever is going on and enjoying the excitement – even if the

excitement is a crying baby – which it often is.  His dog, buddy, is

better than most reports and Nova seems to be getting along with him


The routine now is that Anita goes into her rotation at Methodist

Hospital early, I handle Poppy till my Mom gets here around 10am.  Then

I start working and Mom is in charge of Poppy.

We’re busy as we can be – but we’re getting tons of help from family and are very grateful for it.

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