Anita’s Baby Shower: codename pre-penelope (2007.12.09)

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Everyone seems to be gearing up for the baby-shower.  I’m sure its going to be rife with “ooohh” and “awww” and “isn’t that

cute”.  Typically I’m pretty easygoing about such things, but in this

case, I’m glad it’s a woman-only-affair. 

That said, Anita is surprising herself with how into the whole affair she is becoming.  Those hormones are potent, it seems.

To all friends who were not invited… guess what… no friends were.  Anita decided it would be less stressful if she didn’t feel like she had to hostess family and friends at the same time – so this is a family only affair.  With the size of Anita’s family, that’s still quite large.

I’ll be posting some new photos soon, and certainly some from the shower.

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