Poppy Update – Fast and Furious

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Little poppy is fast and furious these days (at least when she doesn’t get what she wants, fast enough).  Turn your back and she’s gone…. or perhaps she’s up, as in climbing up furniture.  She’s eating a lot (sauteed mushrooms and onions and swash and garlic, last night… mmmm) and still has chubby legs and a belly on her, but for the most part has lengthened out and looks more and more like a kid and less and less like a baby.  She climbs on the playground and slides down the slides and swings on the swings… all with help still, but with less trepidation than the little she used to show.  

Anita watches her during the week and I’ve shifted to a 4 x 10 hour work week, so one day a week (when anita’s working) I watch her.  That leaves us with only 1 day every other week when both of us are working that a friend of ours watches her.  Today is my day, and she’s napping (which is how I am able to make this post)… off to the park after she wakes up.
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