Poppy Update – 13 months

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Poppy is:

  • walking well, though she still staggers like she’s drunk when she’s tired.
  • sometimes eating vegetables, often not – but always eating fruit and crackers are much better
  • starting to learn a few signs… she’s known “more” for a while now, but now she can do eat and drink and occasionally a few others.
  • certainly understands many words and phrases and tones of voice, and is starting to mimic more often… sometimes putting a word in context a bit… though it’s a stretch and only her family would recognize these accomplishments.
  • has spent a few days at daycare (when both anita and alan are working and sarah is not available to babysit), enough to hate to be dropped off :(
  • loves showing off her belly and pointing to it… then she’ll lift up your shirt and point at your belly, or just wait for you to give her belly a raspberry
  • sleeps through the night for the most part, but wakes up early in the morning ~5 to nurse and then sleeps again till ~7
  • sometimes naps twice a day, sometimes once – rarely the old standard of three times

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