Poppy’s First Birthday

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We had a house full for Poppy’s first birthday.  Friends came in from Columbus and Lexington, but otherwise we tried to keep it family only… even so we had almost 30 people over and had a wonderful time (at least those who were able to find seats).

2009-01-24 18h11m35She had her cake and ate it too.  Anita expected that she might not take to the cake straight away, but she certainly dug in, as soon as she realized that it was food and she was allowed to eat it. 

Anita made an applebread cake for poppy and a regular yellowcake for everyone else.

Poppy did wonderfully, not melting down until the last present to open (and there were many more than we expected).  She napped, we talked, most people left, she woke back up and played some more.

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It was a wonderful birthday, absolutely wonderful.  We got a decent amount of video, but we haven’t processed and uploaded it yet… I’ll update when we do, until then, you’ll have to deal with just the photos.

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