Poppy the talker

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Anita recently pointed out to me that Poppy has been talking to herself for weeks.  I noticed it and never remarked on it because it seemed normal, but it is worth remarking on.

She will be crawling around, or cruising, or riding in a carrier or playing with a toy… often during a period or play or concentration, she will start babbling really quietly.  A lot like talking to yourself, she just talks away while she’s working on whatever she’s working on.

Yesterday, Anita saw her playing with her kitchenette-toy and she was babbling… but there was something different about it.  According to Anita, Poppy was acting and babbling like she was really playing pretend; putting things into and taking them out of various compartments in the toy, talking to them and the kitchenette and whatever else…. but all very quiet and under her breath.  She’s not talking to us or for us to hear and congratulate her… she’s talking for her own purposes.

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