Poppy is a leaf eater

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Anita and many of the mom’s took their offspring to Tyler Park today.

Poppy was somewhat fussy, all day and in fact all month… she’s getting teeth and she’s frustrated that she can’t really walk on her own yet.  Life is hard.

So hard, in fact, that sometimes, if you’re a baby, you just gotta eat some leaves and puke… which she did, with abandon.  What we didn’t figure out until ~9pm tonight was that one of those leaves was stuck to the roof of her mouth for over 5 hours. 

She wasn’t eating right, and seemed a little weird… in retrospect her actions certainly indicated that there might be a leaf stuck in her mouth, but neither of us thought to check for one.

Anyhow, she’s fine and asleep and happy.  Just a funny little story.

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