Poppy – the dawning of the era of mobility

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Poppy is over seven months old now. 223 days. She’s old.

In her first week of being 6 months old, she started getting her first tooth and started crawling. She quickly realized that through crawling is reliable, it’s not as great as pulling up to standing and trying to coax someone or anything into keeping her upright while she staggers towards any object of her desire. Basically, we spend a lot of time with her holding onto our fingers as we stoop over and walk her around… she sits when she’s near something she wants.

This week, her walking has slowed a bit, while she’s gearing up her talking. By talking I mean baby-babbling and razzing, but there are lots of consonants and syllable sounds. We’ve not gotten an “according to hoyle” ma-ma or da-da or pa-pa; though she’s uttered all of those sylables she’s not gotten any real repetition. We’re happy with what we’ve got, though – and it’s music to our ears all the time.

Likewise, she’s developed a unique laugh… we have no idea where she got it from, but sometimes her laughs sound like a goat… we have gotten it on video a few times, but I’m remiss at uploading anything, but Sarah got it and uploaded it…

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