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My mom (Poppy’s Grannie C) has visited us for a week and a half and it couldn’t have been timed better. With all of Poppy’s recent accomplishments, it was kind-of like meeting a whole new grandchild… at least a new set of things to watch out for when poppy-sitting.

Mom painted 80% of a wonderful mural in Poppy’s room, which I get to finish up over the next week or so (looking forward to doing a photo-synth of it, when done). Also mom made huge headway in getting some of gardening work started; with labor, knowledge and decisions.

There were trips to the zoo, to the coffee shop, to friends houses, walks around the new neighborhood, and anywhere else. We had a pot-luck hosted at our house (19 adults and 10 kids) and a couple of dinners besides.

We kept ourselves so busy, we were amazed when mom went back to Houston today… time flies by so quickly, in all respects.

So – thanks mom! Come back for more visits, anytime.

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