Poppy: babbling, teething, and growing

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Poppy is growing up way too quickly. Anita cried a couple nights ago

watching her sleep, and I can certainly understand… She hasn’t

technically doubled in size, but she seems like she is at least twice

as big as she was at birth and many hundred fold more


She’s babbling a lot, starting this weekend and she has a second tooth just under the surface ready to come out.

Crawling is considered a given, and in fact any time her mobility is restricted for too long (60-120 seconds?) she’ll let you know exactly what she thinks about it. Pops can pull herself up from sitting to standing if there’s something stable around… she is even moving herself around into positions where that is possible. She has only gotten herself to sitting a few times.

We have decided to defend Nova (our dog) whenever she’s on her dog-bed. The rest of the time, Poppy crawls over to Nova and tries to touch/grab her… and Nova gets up and moves away. We’ve treat the dog-bed as “base” and try to keep Poppy from getting to her there. That’s the extent of their interactions for the most part, but judging as so, they are getting along quite well.

Poppy is showing the earmarks of being a handful. Still one of the happiest and easiest babies to deal with, she has no fear at all. The roomba started up next to her, the first time she’s ever seen it… and instead of being scared like a normal baby – she chased after it. She bit her momma while nursing (one very sharp tooth) and Anita yelled at her “NO!”. Again most babies would cry or backup or something… Poppy laughed, “what game is this?” She’s taken a few falls and spills and caught a face full of water a few times… all with almost no crying or scare (at least no more than a few seconds of crying, when she’s actually hurt herself). It’s great… but we fear she may have no fear, a trait which helped her pappa get several broken bones while growing up.

No photos uploaded… We’ve taken them… but havn’t uploaded recently.. I will sometime.

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