Penelope Lou – 5 months old

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Our daughter is 5 months old today. The milestones of time help me take account of the monumental changes which have happened. We have a fully fledged baby – nobody would call her an infant… she will never be an infant again.

This is both wonderful and tragic – but luckily more on the wonderful side.

She’s starting to teeth occasionally, but it seems to bother her for a couple of days here and there. She can sit up or stand up while hanging on to something. Everyone loves her and she’s still like kryptonite – making even non-baby-lovers weak in the knees.

She’s eating sweet potatoes and green beans so far – enjoying both of them and wanting more.

Unfortunately she’s been talking a bit less this month. We got a few consonants in there, but she’s vocalized a bit less over all. Oh well – at least she’s still laughing a lot.

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