Sadness, no home for the blounts

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We had gotten VERY excited about a house we were going to buy.

We made an offer, they countered, we accepted… all today (Sunday). We were waiting on the counter-offer-paperwork to sign and send back… well, instead of getting that, we actually got notified that the offer was retracted. Someone else made a better offer and we weren’t given an option to bid back.

Of course, this was after we’d told everyone and after we’d gotten really, really excited about this house. It really was perfect for us – expandable, large, great neighborhood, great character and charm… it really felt like us… the 30 other houses we’ve looked at all paled in comparison.

Now we’re depressed, we feel like we’ve looked at all the available houses in the areas we want to live in, which are large enough.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor annoyance. We’ve got our jobs, our health, our family and friends – and the most beautiful and perfect little girl… we’re doing great. But I’m still feeling very sorry for myself.


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