Poppy doing fine, new photos and videos

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Poppy is doing great – an absolute joy to have around 95% of the time.  She can get fussy sometimes, but it’s not bad at all – and she’s so happy most of the time.

We’ve gotten better at giving baths and getting dressed and diapering.  We’ve using about 50%/50% cloth and disposable diapers.  We’d like to use more cloth, but they really don’t fit her yet, they are too big.  We’ve got the covers and pins, but are far from experts as of yet.

Depending on when the last time you checked, I’ve uploaded a few new photos to the “home for the first week” album (starting after the carseat photo).  Also, on the homepage, there is a video viewer, now with a playlist.  As I get more videos uploaded they will show up in the list.

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