Chirstmas in Louisville – Blount/Beatty/McClure/Weatherman

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A good and busy Christmas this year.  We stayed in Louisville because Anita’s too close to due-date to travel.  Had 7 different family engagements in two days and enjoyed every one… though at the end of things we are certainly tired.  We had too much food and too much sugar, enough sleep and a great amount of fun.

Photos of Christmas:

12-25-2007 1-18-22 pm.jpg 12-24-2007 4-04-36 pm.jpg 12-25-2007 9-28-12 pm.jpg 12-25-2007 9-11-37 pm.jpg 12-25-2007 2-37-09 pm.jpg 12-25-2007 7-17-43 pm.jpg 12-25-2007 2-38-16 pm.jpg 12-25-2007 5-10-13 pm.jpg 12-24-2007 5-54-27 pm.jpg 12-25-2007 1-09-57 pm.jpg 12-25-2007 1-18-08 pm.jpg 12-24-2007 4-05-55 pm.jpg

PS: +Facebook

Also – I setup a facebook profile +photos, because it’s the thing to do.  I had one a long while ago, but ignored it because most people I knew were on myspace.  Back to facebook, because it’s a heck of a lot more clean and easy to use. (anyone who disagrees is only doing so because they are used to myspace).

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