911 +6 years – i’ve done nothing

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Well… it’s been a day – just like any other day.  I wore black… biked to work… worked… biked home and walked in the park with Anita and Nova.  A beautiful day.  Nothing in my day to tie this date with six years ago… I was looking for it to come up.

Perhaps if I watched television more, or talked to strangers more…  perhaps if I got out of my daily life and tried to make a change in the world which reflected my beliefs (such as they are)…  perhaps if I didn’t live so comfortably I’d work to fix what seems obviously wrong with the world.

Unfortunately, that does seem to be what it comes down to.  I value my ability to provide for my family above most other things.  An argument could be made that activism which resulted in an improvement in the world would be a better service to one’s family… but I’m not that optimistic.  I believe change can happen – must happen – and if a critical mass of people lean in a direction, the country will follow… but I don’t know how much I can contribute…   cop-out.

Since I can not seem to improve the world beyond my normal daily routine… I can not proselytize that anyone else should.

Don’t worry, I’ve got punishment enough; knowing that the current American Government is corrupt and criminal, but not doing anything about it.  End in sight?  Probably not.


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