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Life Changlingly Good TED Radio Hour: “The Source of Creativity” Basic summary: “everyone is and can be creative: you just have to be fearless about failing, and practice a bunch.” Led to this understanding by my art-teacher mother, since early childhood I’ve been saying something pretty similar. Creativity is wonderful, amazing, useful, freeing, and fun… but it’s not rare. Being creative is a skill, available to everyone. It doesn’t have to be “Art” (note the capital A) nor innovation. It doesn’t have to be shared.

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Recently read an excellent article on walmart’s perception as evil.

An excellent article on Walmart being evil or not – a fairly objective seeming overview of the major points of discussion for the different camps on Walmart. That’s a good thing, right? If a company achieves its lower prices by finding better and smarter ways of doing things, then yes, everybody wins. But if it cuts costs by cutting pay and benefits–or by sending production to China–then not everybody wins.

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This American Life, for the win – re: talking to our kids as much as possible

364: Going Big All of TAL is always great, moving, funny, and every other positive adjective I could think of (yes, I’m a fanboy)… but the first act in this show is about baby education and it’s importance… Paul Tough reports on the Harlem Children’s Zone, and its CEO and president, Geoffrey Canada. Among the project’s many facets is Baby College, an 8-week program where young parents and parents-to-be learn how to help their children get the education they need to be successful.

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A great article on Jan Arnow’s work in Rwanda

Rwandans look to Louisville for interfaith model The Rwandans invited the center’s executive director, Jan Arnow, to visit their country, where in May, she conducted workshops and discussions with a group that included various faiths, from Muslims to Catholics to Quakers to Pentecostals. During that visit, she said, group members told her, “We want to do what your organization does” — leading to establishment of the center’s first branch outside Kentucky.

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Hubble Ultra Deep Field – a sense of proportion

As Douglas Adams put, humans really can’t deal with having a sense of proportion.  We aren’t capable.  But we can stretch for it… (I can touch my toes, but I can’t bend further over… but I should try to) Take 5 minutes and read this fantastic piece on an image from Hubble Ultra Deep Field.  It’s a great reminder of what we know about space and a few tools to help you start to realize that you can’t ever come close to grasping a true sense of proportion.