A cold and frozen birthday for Anita

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As you can see below – it’s cold and wet… It hasn’t stopped snowing or sleeting in about 24 hours.

Anita’s birthday was great.  I drove her to get coffee and then to school.  I picked up lunch and delivered it.  School actually got cancelled early today (unheard of here).  We hung out and watched Battlestar Gallactica for a while and then went to eat at the Surly Girl with some good friends.  Then we went back to our place and played pictionary.  Now Anita’s in bed and I’m sending a quick update.  I didn’t get much work done today, but can make up for it tomorrow.

Radar 2007.02.14

All I can say is – I’m glad our car is 4-wheel-drive…  We are in much better shape than anyone else on the road.  Makes me warm and happy inside.

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