Anita’s new wedding ring (yes, from alan)

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[Anita's new wedding ring (the 3rd)

Anita’s new wedding ring (the 3rd)]1

This is the 3rd wedding rind on Anita’s finger… all 3 from Alan, and all within the first 5-6 years of marriage. Luckily all three of them together are less than many people pay for one… this weighing in fairly high on the price list at ~$170… we purchased it from Donald R. Pekarek, the jeweler/goldsmith/artist who made it. He was at a local art fair a couple of weeks ago, here in Columbus and though we were not really in the market, decided that it seemed very Anita’ish and she wanted to have a ring again…. and that was that. (by the way, she’s ring size 5… how’s that for tiny?)

also, since we’re here… also check out the next two latest photos of Ginni and April, both sleeping with Nova (she seems to have that effect on people):

Ginni sleeping with nova  April sleeping with Nova

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