Moonlight Kayaking, then family

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Friday, Anita and I went to Bardstown, Ky to go “Moonlight Kyaking” with Theresa and some of her Rugby Teammates/friends [link].

Before we got there we swung by the Jim Beam plant (thinking it was where Myra did a bunch of cool carpentry work, but it wasn’t) and then the Bernheim Forrest. Bernheim has always been a great place to get back to nature a bit, but it’s gotten a lot nicer… the visitor’s center is amazing, and all the displays and trails we saw, were flawless. Then we made it to Bardstown and to the kayaking place.

Around sundown we kayaked about a mile and a half, to a small beach… dropped off our food and extra gear (eg – water guns) and kayaked around a small lake. The sun went down as we were playing on the water, and we eventually made it back to “camp” on the beach… The trip organizers had built a medium sized fire on a clearing and had setup tiki torches on the way to the fire. Then they left us to roast hot dogs, spicy black bean burgers (in the Y of a green branch, for anyone interested in methodology), and marshmellows. We then went back out in the kayaks for a while, back to the fire, and back in the kayaks to get to the boat ramp again… called the guy and got picked up. It was a very fun trip.

Saturday and Sunday we spent mostly with family or running errands. We always have a very difficult time getting to see the people we would like to see… We usually get in one or two friends, but rarly does it happen that someone doesn’t get left out. Sorry to all “forgotten”… you are not. Especially sorry to Dr. Amy Spears for not making it to your graduation party on Saturday night as we had planned. House warming party? Perhaps we can make that one.

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