a new bed (life is good)

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We have had our bed now for over an week and it is fantastic. I actually found myself sleeping propped up on my elbows one morning – and it was comfortable. We got a Sealy : Reflexion : Venice Beach – a big latext foam bed. We bought it at us-matress.com, but we only had to buy the mattres (no box spring) so it ended up being a less than what you see as the cost. (still expensive, no doubt)

We ended up finding a used waterbed frame locally from craigslist for $40 , and we put the mattress on that. My mother has an old waterbed frame we would rather have, but it’s in Houston, TX and shipping was going to be upwards of $500.

So that’s the deal. Anyone want to try out the bed – it’s worthy of much praise and awe. Especially after we put on Anita’s new birthday present – an electric mattress pad.

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