2005 Holiday trip – chapter 3 – Louisville

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Before we went to Houston, Anita and I spent some time in Louisville.

We were able to see some friends and a good amount of family. We missed out on the big family events, as we were in Houston then… but we still got to play some games and relax and eat and all the basic events of together-hood.

I worked in the Louisville office, but because most people weren’t there, I was able to get more work done than I usually do when I go into the office… but still less than I can get done at home… weird, huh?

New Year’s eve (Saturday), we went to the Rudyard Kippling and saw the Lucky Pineapple, a band which I liked very much. They have a sound that I thought was a lot like – a less ambient, more local-rockish Tortise. Also at the show were a couple of other bands (also quite enjoyable) and many, many people I hadn’t seen in way too long. The figurehead of my estranged friends who were at the rud was Stacey, who I had not seen in multiple years. She’s living in Portland OR, after having lived in Chicago and traveled a bit… I’m very very happy to have seen her and all of the other friends whom I do not often get to see.

Sunday I had lunch with my father (a very good thing) we did another family event at Barb’s house (lots of fun for all involved). Then we drove to Columbus.

Today, we are mostly unpacked, and 24 hours into our Master Cleanse… a 10+ day flushing of the system in-taking only a lemonade concoction — updates as they happen.

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