2005 Holiday trip – chapter 1 – to Houston

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So, when flying to Houston, early on Monday the 19th of December I ran into a slight problem.

I went through security without issue, and my laptop bag had to go through… and I overheard security people being called over, waited, and heard a couple of other security people being called over. About this time I get nervous and soon overhear something I would rather not have heard.

Apparently, I had forgotten that I had put some gifts in my laptop bag, that I got for people at work in Japan… They were very unimpressive, unassuming, decoration-only, ummm, throwing stars. Yeah, I’m stupid. The airport security seemed to think so as well, and were actually as nice as they could be, explaining that local law enforcement needed to be called in and to take a report. I sent April and Anita off to catch the plane, as there was a chance I would miss it (and frankly, other people being worried nearby, would have made me more worried). The local law enforcement officers took my information, took the stars (not a big deal), and made it clear that I would get a nasty letter and could have been cited but wasn’t, by the benevolence of the officers in question. I genuflected with my thanks, used “sir” as frequently as I dared and (luckily) made it to my plane on time.

Sometimes I am completely stupid.

The flight was un-amazing after that. I listened to and watched my new iPod, which is HOT! I talked to an interesting guy from Boone, NC who is majoring in US History, will join the Navy with the focus of nuclear propulsion, and will subsequently be getting a job working with nuclear power plants. He made for interesting conversation, though he remained decidedly neutral on political issues after bringing the subject up (I try really hard not to initiate the topic).

I arrived in Houston, forgot a bag at the airport (was having a great day), and went back and got the bag easily as we had not left the airport area. We had lunch with my grandfather and dealt with more Houston traffic than we had bargained for. We arrived at mom’s place and I got to see all the new additions and modifications, catch up on people and interesting mail… and there was even a package from Uncle Bob and Aunt Doris waiting for me and Anita (unopened until Xmas).

Then on Tuesday, December 20th, we stayed at my mother’s place in Rosenberg and I worked most of the day (the Japan trip this summer used up most of my vacation time). Then Mom’s friend [Jeanean Slamen][1] came over for dinner and we kept her much later than she would have liked (due to traffic and work) with conversation and good food (including some mango salsa I made – remembering to do it, generally, how John showed me).

Today (Wednesday) we are going into town, I will see my grandfather for lunch, visit my grandmother (with advanced alzheimer’s), and then head north to visit my Aunt Pat and Uncle Lucilo – and then pickup people from the airport.

{sorry for what ended up being a play-by-play post.}

[1]: /w/Jeanean Slamen “about Jeanean Slamen in Houston, TX”

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