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We are getting our stuff together to leave columbus for a while. We have house-sitters / cat-sitters for the majority of the time we are gone… and we are bringing Nova with us, to Louisville.

We are also bringing Ginni’s queen sized mattress (strapped to the roof of the CRV with ratchet-straps and bungies). That will make for a slightly slower drive, but shouldn’t be too bad (I hope). In addition, it will be Anita, Alan, John, and Nova in the car with a few weeks worth of stuff for all. Fun times getting loaded up tomorrow evening. I’m making MP3 CDs of audiobooks for the trip, right now.

Tonight we made some copies of keys for our house/cat sitters, and I stopped in at Best Buy and Circut City to buy a 60 gig iPod… and they were sold out. I could have special ordered one, but wouldn’t get it until (at the earliest) after 8 pm which would put us behind for getting to Lexington (where we plan on visiting Molly & Randy & young). I’m going to call some stores in Louisville and see if I can pre-order one there…

As for the past week… my work has slowed a bit – I’m able to breathe and stop at the end of the day, which is nice. Anita is done with classes and enjoying her break – though she is already aware it will be too short.

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