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Here is my requisite turkeyday post. Anita had to work her last day today, so we are in Columbus still. She plans on not working until this summer. I’ve been encouraging her to do this… though her ~10 hours of work a week doesn’t sound like much, since she does ~60 hours a week of school work – a few extra hours to relax would be welcome.

We will be driving to Louisville tonight after anita is off work. I’ll keep myself awake listening to the harry potter audiobooks… I’ve read the books, but have recently hooked myself on the audiobooks… I’ve been listening to them while cleaning and doing stuff around the house.

Jac's 85th

It was my grandfather’s ([Jack Pennington][2]) 85th birthday on Tuesday. I hear the celebration was great as was the turn-out. Here are some photos sent by my mom.

We will remain in Louisville until Tuesday night. I have some meetings to go to in the Louisville office on Tuesday and it seemed to make sense to just stay. Work is really busy these days, as we have a lot of things to get done before December 3rd… hopefully things chill out a bit after that. I also hope I’ll feel better soon. I’m not sick, I’m sore.

Phil and some of his friends and I played football yesterday in the snow. It was a lot of fun, but they “upgraded” to tackle football. I would normally bow out, but these were guys we’ve played with many times and were all really friendly – so I stayed and played. It was a fun set of games but I am so sore. Wierdly, on the only time I really fell hard I had the strangest and strongest sense of deja-vu when I hit the ground. Luckily, nothing bad happened, no lasting or major injuries… but I am still sore. (old man)

[2]: /w/Jack Pennington

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