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Life Changlingly Good TED Radio Hour: “The Source of Creativity” Basic summary: “everyone is and can be creative: you just have to be fearless about failing, and practice a bunch.” Led to this understanding by my art-teacher mother, since early childhood I’ve been saying something pretty similar. Creativity is wonderful, amazing, useful, freeing, and fun… but it’s not rare. Being creative is a skill, available to everyone. It doesn’t have to be “Art” (note the capital A) nor innovation. It doesn’t have to be shared.

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Poppy’s Room, now with mural

My mom and her friend Joanne painted a wonderful mural on Poppy’s room. I decided to play with a very fun tool called photosynth to stitch together several photos into one unified picture or the room in 3-D (sort of). It will not work except on IE and FF and you may need to install a viewer (it’s safe, but an annoyance). Regardless, this is my first photosynth and I may make more… not sure at the moment.

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Wonderful Subversive Advertising

15 Ingenious Humanitarian Subvertisements: Creative Advertisements that Advocate Global Causes more:

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fantastic paper cutouts

PaperCut- Nghệ thuật độc đáo – ~o0Giải trí Việt Nam0o~:

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Louisvile Skyline – a new building on the horizon?

If anyone in the ‘ville hasn’t heard about the New Skyscraper for Louisville – check it out… It looks really cool (in my opinion) and would be a great thing to claim for the city… not to mention, it’d be very nice to have a modern art museum (in a building island, no less). Also – a new google desktop search looks good (as expected).