Adobe Connect Issue and Fix: Lingering FMSCore.exe processes

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We’ve setup Connect to expire the FMSCore processes after 2 hours, but if someone is still connected to a recording, it will keep the old zombie FMSCore process until that person disconnects.

It often happens that doesn’t work – and there’s seemingly no garbage collection in place to clean up old FMSCore.

So we created a simple AutoIt script which can be compiled to an EXE which works, but it has some dependancies…

The following dependencies / commands must all be in place:

  • c:\Windows\system32[pv.exe]1
  • c:\Windows\system32[pslist.exe]2
  • c:\Windows\system32[pskill.exe]3

How it works

  • the script uses pv.exe to find all FMS Core processes which have a command line argument that includes “flvplayerapp” (which is only for recorded courses)
  • for each of the returned process ids
  • it uses pslist to list details which include the age of the process
  • it uses a regex match find the “hours it’s been running”
  • if longer than 5 hours (a configurable parameter) it uses pskill to kill the process.

So we set this up on an hourly scheduled task and it handles garbage collection for us.

Source:  fmscore-killer-source.au3

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