WolframAlpha & Google Chrome OS

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I recently came across wolframalpha which is really fantastic. It provides a much of data for a very wide variety of searches… basically the neat part is it’s conversion of English statements into data-based queries and graphs… It works across tons and tons of datatypes, including one of the most useful weather reports I’ve seen… simple and obvious and useful data across the board. (perhaps I just like graphs too much) It also has good financial data, though I still prefer google finance.

Also – here is something I’ve been waiting for, for a while – google chrome os – it’s basically a super-simple and fast booting OS meant to drop one into a web-browser and nothing else… I’ve got a laptop in the living room which aches for this… no need for a slow booting windows install nor a tricky-to-configure webconverger – just something to quickly get online and play music, check email, or look up recipes.

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