Op-Ed Wall Street’s Jet Setters

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Wall Street’s Socialist Jet-Setters By MAUREEN DOWD – Published: January 27, 2009

How are these ruthless, careless ghouls who murdered the economy still walking around (not to mention that sociopathic sadist Bernie Madoff?) — and not as perps?

Bring on the shackles. Let the show trials begin.

Very frustrating indeed, but I don’t know of any means of invoking a change. We can complain on the net and raise virtual pitchforks in anger… but there’s nothing which will come of it. If there was something we could do to force CEOs who are still treating themselves like kings while all of their peasants toil and scramble, fear and get fired… I’d be all for it. But there isn’t – we are in a society where those people (the real aristocracy) make the rules and are for the most part, above the law (or will get the laws changed).

The 5%, the 1% – they got really, really (more) rich over the last 20 years, especially the last 5-10… and their economic strategies are plunging us into the current depression. And you know, that 5% are still perfectly fine… Well, they might have to sell of one of their several vacation houses.

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