hamachi install error on ubuntu – fixed

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I recently re-installed ubuntu (linux) on a server and ran into difficulties installing hamachi.  As it turned out I tried to setup hamachi without installing the tun module first.  I then installed the tun module, but hamachi wouldn’t work.  I eventually figured out that the tuncfg had to be cleaned/make’ed again, after the tun was re-created.

This is the error I was getting:

bash: /sbin/tuncfg: No such file or directory

And this fixed it:

./hamachi- cd tuncfg
./hamachi- sudo make clean
rm -f tuncfg
./hamachi- sudo make
cc     tuncfg.c   -o tuncfg
./hamachi- cd ..
./hamachi- sudo make install

Copying hamachi into /usr/bin ..
Creating hamachi-init symlink ..
Compiling tuncfg ..
Copying tuncfg into /sbin ..

Hamachi is installed. See README for what to do next.
./hamachi- sudo tuncfg

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