A wonderful investigation into Ubuntu usability

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I think Ubuntu is great, easy to use, standardized, and built on Debian… what could be better? Apparently – there are certainly some things which could be better.

Here is a great experiment one geek and his girlfriend undertook:


I’ve toyed with Linux since 2002, when I first installed Mandrake. With the latest release of Ubuntu,
I was interested to see how far Linux had come since then in terms of
being used easily by the mainstream. So, I tricked my grudging
girlfriend Erin into sitting down at a brand new Ubuntu 8.04
installation and performing some basic tasks. It’s surprising how many
seemingly simple things become complicated and even out of reach for
someone without a knowledge of Linux. There are a lot of little things
that could be done to make the experience a lot more friendly for
non-computer-literate people – some of them easy to implement, others
not at all.

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