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I recently came up with a VERY simple algebraic equation… trying to figure out how many months it would take for something to become cost effective.  I looked at the equation and thought I would see if google search could solve it (it can solve basic math problems and even unit conversions), but google couldn’t handle it.  So I thought I’d see if there was something else.  It took no time to find

I fed the calculator my equation: {{ 2000*X = (100*X) + 3000 }} and got the following:

2000X = (100X) + 3000

Reorder the terms:
2000X = 3000 + (100X)

2000X = 3000 + (100X)

Solving for variable 'X'.

Move all terms containing X to the left, all other terms to the right.

Add '(-100X)' to each side of the equation.
2000X + (-100X) = 3000 + (100X) + (-100X)

Combine like terms: 2000X + (-100X) = 1900X
1900X = 3000 + (100X) + (-100X)

Combine like terms: (100X) + (-100X) = 0
1900X = 3000 + 0
1900X = 3000

Divide each side by '1900'.
X = 1.578947368

X = 1.578947368

Genius!  Not only an answer, but an explanation!  Yay Internet!  I can’t wait to teach Penelope how to do Algebra… suppose I should wait till she’s born first though…

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