Company Meeting – Dec. 2007

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After a very short time at the company, I’m (currently) at the company meeting in Dallas, TX.  It’s been fantastic, and for me to say that about a company meeting – you had better recognize the significance.  The people are spread out over the country and all work in their own areas, so most I havn’t met.  The purpose of these meetings is to get together and basically say what we’ve each done and what we’re going to be doing.

No exageration, everyone seems to be exceptional at what they do (I was going to say “more than competent”).  I’ve said from the beginning that the company seems like it’s positioned well for success and I certainly believe one of the reasons they (we) will succeede is the people here at this meeting.

I feel like I’ve drank the kool-aid, so to speak.  But it’s really good so far.

Also, there’s been good food and shuffleboard.  I’m a sucker for easy going people and a game of some sort where you can heckle.

Lots of work ahead, but that’s nothing new.  Things going well.

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