Update on the Blounts – Early October 2007

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So, I’ve been remiss to put anything about us on here recently.  I’m thinking that I might split the blog into two seperate blogs… one on the Blounts, and one on general stuff I feel like talking about… 2 weeks.  (the perpetual two weeks)


Anita’s very pregnant… always holding her belly and still, gloriously asymptomatic.  She’s working at a low cost mdeical center pharmacy for this month’s rotation.  not very interesting for her.  Last month was Central State hospital and she liked that a lot.  She’s done some projects/presentations at both places to great review, I hear. 

We’ve moved into a new house, belonging to Jason Chili… it’s a wonderful house with a lot of stuff in it (ours and his).  Once we got it a bit more organized, it’s been a joy to be there.

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