Loose Change – again – 911 and American wars

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If you’re tired of propaganda; tired of conspiracy theorists telling you that your media is mostly brainwashing you into the party line of big brother…  

Wake up.

There is a lot of conspiracy theory which must be wrong.  It’s nuts… so you choose not to belive it.  You don’t accept things at face value.  You look for evidence to refute crazy stories.


Do so.  But do so, also, to the “official story”.  Think of the source of the offical story and think how much you really, genuinely trust it.  A shred of doubt?  Good… dig… think… persevere.

Check out LooseChange911.com and spend an hour to watch the excellent video: Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut

The stakes are very high.  Too many people died, and too much has changed in this country (and others) directly related to 911, to not know the full truth and everyone can be sure we currently do not.  

If you think we already know the truth, please do any research and see how much is redacted, and withheld… from recordings to black boxes, surveilance videos, testimony, and the rubble at the scene… too many secrets.  too many truths seem like lies.

And.. if you already agree with me and are outraged…  do something.  We’re nearly at Sept. 11th, 2007, and after devastating Iraq on the pretense of “saving the world from their threat of weapons of mass destruction” which never existed… we are being warmed up for war with Iran 2.  These things are unacceptable – worse than the lies around 911.  But the events of 911 are directly related to America’s invasion of sovereign nations in the middle east; at least in the minds of the American people.  If they should be related – these countries had nothing to do with 911, except perhaps Afghanistan… and that’s still a perhaps.

In my opinion it all comes down to what story you believe.  Americans don’t talk about politics much, and we certainly don’t talk about taboo subjects like the 911 attack being an inside job…  At least we don’t seem to much.

Well – I’m asking you to do so.  Talk to someone at work or school.  Ask.  Tell.  Talk.  Remind people that it’s important and there are no reasons NOT to talk about it.  It’s a hell of a lot better than talking about whatever some actress did or didn’t do, or what your favorite sports teams are scoring.  Several thousand people died at 911, and over 70,000 have died in the war in Iraq we couldn’t have started without the motivation of 911. (3700+ US Military)  With more and more war in our future… more specifically in the short future of the people who will die at our hands… we must understand what we are fighting for… what we are going into the most significant debt of all time for.

The tragedy of 911 gave the current regime the political power to do these things…  perhaps, if we could prove 911 didn’t happen the way they are telling us it did; it could be their undoing.

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