Karl Rove’s Father’s Secret…

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A Little Bit of History [BME Guest Column]

And now I wondered if that son ever cried for the man who raised him and watched him grow up? I’d be curious as to how Karl Rove would ever explain his pierced, gay father? He never told the people in Louis’ phone book that he had died, nor invited them to a service if there was one. No one even knows where he is buried.

As for me? Well, I am the proud owner of Karl Rove’s father’s pure, solid gold cock ring! I’ve put it away with a few memories and pictures of his father. And in my garden grows a nasty, prickly little cactus from Louie’s backyard … alive and well.

I find it comforting that staunch conservatives can get some of their laundry aired.  If you’re going to go about telling people how bad they are all the time, all of us bad people can rejoice at every evidence of your hypocrisies.

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