Back in Louisville, after family visitation

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Well we made it back to Lou. after going to a family reunion in Arkansas and then visiting family in Texas.(photos)

We’ve now rolled over 140,000 miles on our Honda CRV (1997) and it’s doing great.  We are nothing but happy with that vehicle.

Anita’s doing well.  She’s had some “symptoms” of pregnancy, but for the most part she’s avoided most of the typical complaints.  She attributes the lack morning sickness to vitamine B6 and the lack of fatigue to being on vacation and napping all the time.  

That’s about to change – Anita starts her first rotation Aug. 1st.

Work is going well for me, but I’m pretty busy. I started ultimate in Louisville again; seems like a good crowd to join up with: & (Cruella DeVille)

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