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I haven’t been posting a lot… partially to keep the blog a bit more official while looking for employment and partially because I’ve been busy.

work updates: So I’ve been working at Via, from home, as a contractor.  I’ve been doing that since Feb.  Working with friends and doing mostly LAMP development (thankfully).  The only downside is that it’s a smaller company and can’t afford to pay me what other places can.

So about a month ago, I found a great job with a different company, but didn’t get it… I got another job with the same place which we thought we could make work for me… I worked there 4 miserable days and then went back to Via.  The problem was not the company, but the work was mundane and there was a lot of it.  I was very unhappy and Anita encouraged me to go back to the place I liked working, for a little less money.  Sounded like good advice… so Via will hire me full time sometime soon and I think we’ll be good for each other for some time to come.

health updates: I’m fine.  Anita’s fine…  We’ve been sick (Anita still is) but it passes.  My Dad’s had leg problems and my Aunt’s cancer battle has taken a bad turn.  If you know a way to help… 

music updates: Been listening to the Decemberists, Erin McKeown, Built to Spill, The White Stripes, etc…  I was also lucky enough to go to the recent Hushaby event in Louisville and listen to SKL (Jason), Foursquare (Marea), and Angel from Chicago.  It was a great show… I’ve got photos to post… soon.

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